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Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

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31.03.2023 - materialiq 5.0.2 - Add height map for concrete material CC230, set default mapping of transparent materials to 'Object', DNR slider now takes normal map strength into account (it won't amplify normal map if Normal Map Strength is set to 0).

What's new in materialiq 5.0.1 ?

  • Blender Asset Browser Integration (yay!)
  • Material randomize adjustment per element/object
  • 20 completely new materials added (6 Roofs, 12 Woods, 2 Walls)
  • 14 materialiq4 materials ported to materialiq5
  • Higher resolution material previews
  • World settings ported over form materialiq4
  • Shortened material names in the polygoniq browser
  • 4  Water materials added (animated only in aquatiq)


336 materials in total
+new materials with updates

12 categories


Blender Asset Browser Integration

Explore the extensive & rapidly growing library of materials, each prepared in a consistent way and individually hand-checked for purrfection. Make use of the Blender Asset Browser's drag and drop or the polygoniq browser with filtering options.

Randomize per element

Does your material seem too uniform and flat when used on multiple objects/elements? Do you need your material more diverse looking? Simply change the Randomize Diffuse sliders for an instant improvement. The same material often comes in varying hue, saturation, and brightness based on slightly different aging/sourcing/polish etc. Achieving this with materialiq is instant - just make sure the mesh is separated by geometry or sharp edges and drag a couple of sliders!

Material displacement

Add more depth to your scene with the ever-expanding library of materials supporting displacement.

Texture bombing

Texture bombing ensures that no matter the area the material covers, it remains irregular.

Replace material

Replacing materials manually on many different objects can be hard. That's why materialiq comes with an inbuilt solution to do this en masse for the scene or only for the selected objects. All it takes is to pick the original and the replacement material.


Anisotropic materials like wood often require UV mapping to make sure it goes in the right direction but for everything else... there's the almighty generated mapping! Allowing any changes to the geometry without having to redo the mapping.

What do others think about materialiq?

Anselem Nkoro of AskNK

"The polygoniq line of tools is a complete package in my opinion. materialiq offers breathtaking materials and shaders for making your surfaces come to life. And they can all be used commercially."

Nik Kottman of Blender.daily

"materialiq completely changed my texturing workflow. If I need a certain material the chance is very high that materialiq has the one I need and with the well organized node groups it is pretty simple to customize it to my needs. Also I don’t need to worry about licensing since all shaders can be used commercially."

David Schwalbach

"Materialiq really helps with texturing complex scenes quickly. Just click, click, done. I love working in the viewport as much as possible and thanks to materialiq and its brilliantly designed interface I can do a lot more shading there than before. The materials reach from very good to brilliant and are set up in a very understandable way, so it is easy to make changes to make them blend with your scene. Also, there is a very nice community around polygoniq and the developers as well as the other users already helped me a lot in the past."

What our users say?

We support Blender Developement Fund!

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Release log:

2023/03/31 - materialiq 5.0.2 - Add height map for concrete material CC230, set default mapping of transparent materials to 'Object', DNR slider now takes normal map strength into account (it won't amplify normal map if Normal Map Strength is set to 0).

2022/12/20 materialiq 5.0.1 Blender Asset Browser integrated, Material randomization adjustment per object, 20 new materials added, 14 materialiq4 materials ported, 4 water materials added, UI improvements: higher resolution material previews, added world setting to materialiq panel, separated material and world spawning, shortened material names in polygoniq browser.

2022/10/25 materialiq 5.0.0 Complete overhaul, 8K textures, displacement support, new material categories, reworkedclassification of all materials. Node groups reworked. Introduced an operator that migrates fromolder versions of materialiq.

2022/10/25: materialiq 4.6.3 Bug fixes.

2021/12/24: materialiq 4.6.2 Bug fixes. Fixed errors with multiple polygoniq addons installed.

2021/12/24: materialiq 4.6.1 Added official support for Blender 3.0, fixed an issue with the 'move installation path' feature,fixed other 4.6 bugs.

2021/05/04: materialiq 4.6 Fixed Remove Duplicate materialiq Data-Blocks' feature, removing duplicate materials is now morerobust.

2020/11/23: materialiq 4.5 Summon Worlds and Summon All Worlds. Merge Duplicate Materials now also merges duplicate worlds.Rotation and strength added to world settings. Save/remove custom materials. Added PIE menu.

2020/09/09: materialiq 4.4 Improved panel UI. Addon now remembers the last user selection.

2020/06/29: materialiq 4.3 Optimized textures so they take less storage. Fixed some issues with a few materials. Added 44 newmaterials especially in the Wood, Concrete and Wall categories.

2020/06/07: materialiq 4.2 Added Copy Telemetry. Bug fixes in Move Installation. Added docs for materialiq operators.

2020/04/09: materialiq 4.1 Added Go to Website and Move Installation buttons.

2020/03/11: materialiq 4.0 Added Find Missing Files operator. Optimized textures to make the addon zip smaller. Added buttonsfor opening showcase scenes and startup files.

2019/05/16: materialiq 3.0 Added Summon Material, Replace Material and feature for merging duplicate materials, images and nodegroups. Display stats of used materials in the addon panel. Added animated water and custominstaller.

2019/03/17: materialiq 2.8 Added support for Blender 2.8 and Eevee renderer.

2019/02/16: materialiq 2.0 Added Change Resolution and buttons to enable/disable fake user for materials. Set max resolutionfor the active material.

2018/12/12: materialiq 1.0 First release with all materials in a single blend file.

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Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

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