Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

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I want this!

Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

8 ratings
after nearly 2 years of development
the new version of material library

materialiq 5
is finally out!

This is polygoniq's biggest and most complicated release so far compromising of 167 tickets & 105 merge requests in total.

We have completely reinvented how materialiq comes together, how it behaves and shows up in Blender's interface.

Old materials have been ported to the new NodeGroup system, and some new materials have appeared! We're gearing towards a gradual update cycle for materialiq from now on.

Bear in mind this release is marked as BETA for now.

 There could be various issues we'd like to have fixed for the actual release - you can help us by reporting bugs you come across.

They say pictures speak a 1000 words & moving pictures even more so here we go:

336 materials in total
+new materials with updates

12 categories

materialiq 5 is the first addon to utilize our brand new polygoniq asset browser.

Don't worry, native asset browser support is actively being worked on for the final release!

Useful search bar

Filtering options

(more to come)

Release log:
2022/10/25 materialiq 5.0.0 Complete overhaul, 8K textures, displacement support, new material categories, reworkedclassification of all materials. Node groups reworked. Introduced an operator that migrates fromolder versions of materialiq.

2022/10/25: materialiq 4.6.3 Bug fixes.

2021/12/24: materialiq 4.6.2 Bug fixes. Fixed errors with multiple polygoniq addons installed.

2021/12/24: materialiq 4.6.1 Added official support for Blender 3.0, fixed an issue with the 'move installation path' feature,fixed other 4.6 bugs.

2021/05/04: materialiq 4.6 Fixed Remove Duplicate materialiq Data-Blocks' feature, removing duplicate materials is now morerobust.

2020/11/23: materialiq 4.5 Summon Worlds and Summon All Worlds. Merge Duplicate Materials now also merges duplicate worlds.Rotation and strength added to world settings. Save/remove custom materials. Added PIE menu.

2020/09/09: materialiq 4.4 Improved panel UI. Addon now remembers the last user selection.

2020/06/29: materialiq 4.3 Optimized textures so they take less storage. Fixed some issues with a few materials. Added 44 newmaterials especially in the Wood, Concrete and Wall categories.

2020/06/07: materialiq 4.2 Added Copy Telemetry. Bug fixes in Move Installation. Added docs for materialiq operators.

2020/04/09: materialiq 4.1 Added Go to Website and Move Installation buttons.

2020/03/11: materialiq 4.0 Added Find Missing Files operator. Optimized textures to make the addon zip smaller. Added buttonsfor opening showcase scenes and startup files.

2019/05/16: materialiq 3.0 Added Summon Material, Replace Material and feature for merging duplicate materials, images and nodegroups. Display stats of used materials in the addon panel. Added animated water and custominstaller.

2019/03/17: materialiq 2.8 Added support for Blender 2.8 and Eevee renderer.

2019/02/16: materialiq 2.0 Added Change Resolution and buttons to enable/disable fake user for materials. Set max resolutionfor the active material.

2018/12/12: materialiq 1.0 First release with all materials in a single blend file.

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