Car - Traffiq Library - Rigged Cars

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Car - Traffiq Library - Rigged Cars

76 ratings

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Creating cars from scratch is a hard and time-consuming task. Use this car library to save time, and don't waste time on making cars!

traffiq is an ever-expanding library of realistic, optimized assets of various vehicles (mostly cars for now) and traffic-related assets for architectural visualizations, environmental design, rendering streets, or other scenes.


2022/07/28: traffiq 1.6.1 Screen-space reflection Eevee limitations described in the documentation, fixed bugs.

The library will expand over time, adding more assets and new transport forms. Its price will rise slightly as it expands. However, our goal will always be to create a massive library of vehicles for everyone to use at a favorable price/value ratio.

Categories to be added in the future: Submarines, Trains, Subways, Spacecraft, 340 Yamaha Enticer, and other forms of transport and their related assets.

We also plan to add new features, such as traffic animation, entire streets, spawnable smart curve objects (highways, railways, etc.), level of detail, custom license plates, and more based on requests and feedback.

Official documentation for the addon and more here.


Wear & Tear slider

The Wear&Tear slider was added in traffiq 1.4! It enables you to add dirt, scratches, and bumps to traffiq assets with just a few clicks!

Car rigs

360 Kodiaq Interior

Toggleable Lights

Spawn Assets

Each asset has a rendered preview and is easily summonable through our addon. By default, the assets are linked, but you can also add them as editable objects or convert them later. Many more cars & assets are on the way!

Random or Custom Color

Vehicle colors are randomized based on statistics (common colors are given preference), but if you set object color (in Properties > Object Data > Viewport Display) to anything other than pure white, then that color will be used instead (custom colors only work for Blender 2.81+).

Snap to Ground

Snap to Ground pushes all selected vehicles (or objects) down onto the nearest surface. There are currently some cases where this doesn't work 100% correctly, so consider this an early access feature.

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2022/07/28: traffiq 1.6.1 Screen-space reflection Eevee limitations described in the documentation, fixed bugs.

2022/07/28: traffiq 1.6 Asset Browser support for Blender 3.2 or newer, improved topology of Chevrolet Silverado 2018, fixed viewport color of Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and R-22, fixed wrong rotation of brakes on Porsche 911, fixed wrong material on BMW M4. Known bugs: Wheels disappear on Toyota Hilux upon Converting into Editable.

2022/07/04: traffiq 1.5 Added 12 cars, Added 159 traffic signs in 9 categories, Removed unused UV maps, traffiq panel now shows in Edit mode, Reduced polygons on bicycles, Improved imperfections on aircraft, Corrected the scale of Tata Nano, Added wipers to Dodge Challenger 1969, Dropped support of Blender 2.83, Known bugs - Wheels of Toyota Hilux are replaced with brakes upon converting into Editable 

2022/04/12: traffiq 1.4.2 Added official support for Blender 3.1, Fixed follow path operator, and wheel rotation baking

2021/12/24: traffiq 1.4.1 Added official support for Blender 3.0, added interior to Boeing 737 and adjusted the model, remapped the Decals on street signs, edited dirt to be more visible on bright colors and made a new dirt texture, fixed wrongly used normal maps on some assets, repaired an issue with translucency on Sun Odyssey, dirt - scratches - bumps have default value 0, fixed 1.3 bugs.

2021/11/16: traffiq 1.4 Added 10 assets, 4 watercrafts (Moskva Ferry, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32, Gumotex Ontario, Generic Rowboat), and 6 aircrafts , added new feature the Wear&Tear slider that allows for quick addition of dirt, scratches, and bumps to traffiq assets.
2021/08/20: traffiq 1.3 Added car rigs with custom operators for wheel animations and for animating along a curve, added new operator Convert to Linked, Added new color-changing UI, Added 16 new assets - 6 benches, 2 boundary stones, bus stop, electric pole, parking machine, ticket machine, 3 manhole covers, and an automatic bollard and fixed bugs and not intended behavior. 

2021/01/25: traffiq 1.2 Added 17 new assets - 9 cars, 3 motorcycles, 5 bicycles, Vehicles have lights, added GUI to turn them on and off, added car interiors, some highly detailed, added wipers to every applicable car, added GUI to change the paint color of cars, traffiq_lite introduces with 1/3 of the assets, converting cars to editable no longer forgets their paint color

2020/08/25: traffiq 1.1 Added 7 new assets - utility vehicles, separated wheels & brakes, improved snap-to-ground feature, all lights are turned on, assets are now spawned into traffiq's collection, fixed many geometry problems overall, made materials linked where possible, redid most normals to point correctly, improved car paint material.

2020/06/01: traffiq 1.0 First release with 9 contemporary and 3 classic cars, 1 motorcycle, 1 bus, 1 tram, 57 traffic signs, and 18 street elements. In total 15 vehicles and 19 street assets.

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