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blenderkitty increases your productivity by 50% and decreases the render time by 25%! 

All future updates included! 

In the future, we plan to add new features like playful scratching, sitting on your keyboard, tail wagging in your face, and more! We won't be adding dogs.


  • Speeds up your rendering process by 50%!
  • Geometry nodes are fully supported!
  • Works with Blender 3.1
  • Fully procedural!
  • Improves your mood by up to 200%
  • Compatible with all modern sound systems
  • It meows
  • It purs
  • Customize the settings directly in the Blender N-panel

No cats were harmed making this software.


The add-on includes 16 images of household species and 12 sounds of nature.

Jokes and memes included!

Feel free to join our discord channel about blenderkitty for support, ideas, or a friendly chat -!


2022/04/01: blenderkitty 1.0 released with 16 cat pictures 12 sounds 

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