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This project is maintained on Github, check out the blend1 github repository.


The Problem:
Are you tired of your cloud storage getting cluttered with unnecessary blend1, blend2, backup files every time you save your Blender project?

Every time you hit Ctrl+S to save your project, these backup files are also uploaded alongside the original. This not only wastes your valuable storage space but also consumes unnecessary bandwidth, making your workflow less efficient. If you use more than one backup version, you'll find yourself drowning in a sea of uploads each time you save your work.

The Solution:
Introducing our solution that puts an end to this headache. With blend1 you can now seamlessly integrate Blender with your preferred cloud storage, without the hassle of redundant backups. Say goodbye to cluttered cloud drives and wasted bandwidth.


You need Blender 3.3 LTS or higher. Windows, macOS 10 and Linux are supported.

Go to Edit -> Preferences. And select Add-ons in the left bar. Click the Install... button in the top section. Select the ZIP file you just downloaded and click Install Add-on. After the installation finishes, check the checkbox next to the blend1 addon.


The addon can auto-update itself to latest stable or even unstable master version. Head over to Edit -> Preferences and select Add-ons in the left bar. Type blend1 into the search bar and then expand the addon section of blend1. Scroll down to the auto update section to set up update intervals or even update manually.


Set up the Save versions to the desired number of backups of your work. Work in Blender as usual. If you need to recall a backup, open the N menu and look for the blend1 panel. Use the Recall operator to recall a backup.

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