Water Library Aquatiq Water Addon Water+Fountains

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Water Library Aquatiq Water Addon Water+Fountains

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Add water effects to your scene super quickly with aquatiq. Instead of spending hours creating complex simulations, you add simple planes with animation sequences that can be previewed in the viewport.

The library contains 2D and 3D water assets that can be used as legos to build new effects and assets like fountains, birdbaths, and water materials.

The water shader that comes with aquatiq is called waterial and is also sold separately. It is an advanced material for creating animated water surfaces with low memory requirements and is much less performance-intensive than simulations. Descriptions in the node group make changes to the material rather easy. 

2022/10/21: aquatiq 1.1.1 fixed bugs.

Check out the full release log at the bottom of this page!

Documentation available!


Spawn the assets as a mesh or a linked instance to save memory.

All animation sequences loop every 30 frames.

Mask painting, you quickly blend the effect into the surroundings.

Textures have seamless transitions so that most effects can be repeated infinitely.

Collection of ready-made water materials for Eevee and Cycles comes with aquatiq as well, originally from waterial addon.

Ready-made showcase beach scene.

Materials have randomized UV mapping, so you can layer the meshes on top of each other to create a more dense effect.


aquatiq comes with 17 fountain assets which are divided into sub-categories like big and small fountains, goblets and basins, birdbaths, and wall fountains. 

Water Materials

 The node group is quite complicated, but it is documented here. The water material is also sold separately here.

Animated Water Node-Group

Water Shoreline Waves Animated Node-Group

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Feel free to join our discord channel for support, ideas, feedback, or a friendly chat - https://polygoniq.com/discord!

Release log:

2022/07/28: aquatiq 1.1 Asset Browser support for Blender 3.2 or newer, added two fountains assets.

2022/05/09: aquatiq 1.0 first release with 17 fountain assets, 12 modular assets, 18 water effects, 7 water materials and 1 showcase scene.

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